Certified Sales Trainer

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What is Certified Sales Trainer Accreditation?
The Certified Sales Trainer (CST) program  is an internationally recognized accreditation by Sales & Marketing Institute International and Sales Star Academy (SSA)(owned by PowerUpSuccess Group), the exclusive partner of the "Certified Sales Professional" franchise in the SEA region.

CST is the most comprehensive and empowering certification program available in the sales trainer's development & validation world today, with a well structured and thorough curriculum covering the key areas essential to be a great sales trainer and people developer.

CST was specially created to help anyone interested in :
* Becoming more effective as a well equipped sales leader, sales trainer or business owner within their own organization
* Developing a solid foundation and greater confidence as a Certified Sales Trainer to your internal / external clients
* Learning proven methods, strategies and skills as a high impact sales trainer that is based on world-class best practices

CST was developed as a collaboration between Sales Star Academy Master Trainers, proven Sales Trainers & Mentors  with over 25 years of industry experience either as Sales Coaches, Leaders or Trainers; and Sales & Marketing Institute, a globally recognized sales accreditation body that validates the competencies of sales professionals & leaders against the industry standards of the Sales Competencies Bank of Knowledge(CBOK).

Methodology & Learning Approach
This results-based course will be challenging, thought provoking, informational, experiential and inspiring. Candidates will use a variety of learning tools including motivation, lecture, workshops, discussions, actual and simulated case studies, games, real life scenarios, work-based projects and open action-based learning.

Assessed Competencies
Within 45 days from completing the CST program, the participants are expected to apply the newly acquired competencies to actual on- the-job situations or opportunities. Each participant will accomplish a formatted report (provided by PowerUp Success and Sales Star Academy) which requires the concurrence of their immediate supervisor in the organization or client in a training job.

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