Program Framework & Competency Checklist

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Program Framework & Competency Checklist

Core Programs Competencies
1. Personal Mastery Self-Development
•    Create a personal vision/mission
•    Balance your life
•    Manage your attitude
•    Practice self-discipline
•    Manage your time and activities
•    Manage your professional development
•    Manage your career
•    Manage stress
•    Focus on knowledge management

Knowledge Management
•    Know more about yourself and clients
•    Increase efficiency, speed at which you work
•    Facilitate the transfer of knowledge
•    Distinguh the key difference between information and knowledge
•    Know how to analyze information
2. Fundamentals of selling Account Management
•    Develop account plan
•    Connect and navigate
•    Build the "value case"
•    Implement and operationalize

Business Acumen
•    Understand general business management
•    Demonstrate fair competitive practices
•    Demonstrate ethical behavior
•    Understand and use contracts
•    Understand government legislation and governing bodies
•    Understand insurance and liability
•    Comply with corporate policies
•    Understand financials
•    Think globally and act locally
•    Follow industry standards

Product and Technical Knowledge
•    Acquire up to date product/service
•    knowledge
•    Acquire up to date technical knowledge
3. Sales Presentation Skills Communication
•    Listen effectively
•    Probing questions
•    Provide continuous feedback
•    Communicate according to customer type
•    Deliver sales presentations
•    Written communication
•    Write sales letters
•    Write proposals
•    Deliver training to customers
•    Educate others
•    Conduct telephone sales calls
•    Identify communication vehicles
•    Facilitation
4. Consultative Selling Skills Consultative Selling Process
•    Prospect for potential customers
•    Plan for the initial contact
•    Contact the prospect
•    Plan the sales call
•    Open the sales call
•    Uncover needs
•    Present solutions/options
•    Address objections
•    Use the sales tools
•    Ask for the business
•    Follow up the sale
5. Principles of Strategic Selling Strategic Sales Planning
•    Understand the corporate business plan/department objectives
•    Analyse and segment the market
•    Research the comptition
•    Analyse individual existing customers
•    Analyse products/services
•    Negotiate your sales target
•    Create your sales strategies
•    Set objectives to achieve your sales targets
6. Sales Operations & Administration Sales Administration
•    Generate sales administration /operations reports
•    Provide feedback
•    Analyze, read and interpret sales information
•    Track orders
•    Maintain support systems
7. CRM Time and Territory Management
•    Priority time management
•    Forecast sales results
•    Analyze customer segments
•    Manage sales funnel
•    Manage territory/customer
•    Manage your sales activities

Sales and Technology
•    Understand how to use basic technology
•    Leverage the internet as a valuable resource
•    Understand your organization's security policies
•    Understand the implications of technology on your customers
•    Leverage technology in your role
8. Fundamentals of Marketing Customer Value Creation
•    Manage your knowledge of the customer and market
•    Create value for every sales opportunity
•    Communicate the value proposition to customers
•    Leverage your organization's customer value chain
•    Create and manage a customer value plan
•    Measure the value realized

Local Area/Regional Marketing
•    Create your local area/regional marketing plan
•    Network locally/regionally
•    Create and manage a direct mail program
•    Create and manage educational and promotional events
•    Organize trade shows
•    Enhance corporate marketing programs (print media and broadcast)
•    Coordinate merchandising campaigns
•    Conduct informal market research
•    Conduct multi-media marketing
•    Create and manage telemarketing programs
•    Plan promotions
9. Relationship Selling Skills Relationship Building
•    Create a customer care process
•    Develop the account
•    Collaborate with customers to create service standards, warranties and guarantees
•    Educate customers
•    Link customers with other service/product providers within your network
•    Support customer initiatives
•    Appreciate your customers
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