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It's about time you earned your well deserved international recognition of being a Certified Sales Professional. Get Certified and be the Top 5% Performer in your industry ! Find out why !

About us

The Sales and Marketing Institute Asia (SMI Asia) is the international chapter of Sales & Marketing Institute Global, the leading professional body of sales and marketing professionals in the world, with over 10,000 members and affiliates. Learn more...

What is CSP?

Certified Sales Professional (CSP) is a Certification Program that provides a systematic framework approach to equip any consultative sales professional with a range of essential competencies to be an effective and efficient sales professional.


For Organization's Sales Team


  • Alignment with an organization’s core strategies and culture with globally recognized best practices
  • Develop focused, inspired and disciplined Sales Teams
  • Acquire the latest knowledge and technology know how
  • Instill loyalty, passion and commitment to organizational long term goals
  • A commitment to personal career development and lifelong learning
  • Set measurable benchmarks within your sales team for clear reward systems

For Independent Sales Personnel


  • Professional Sales Competencies that are recognized worldwide
  • Leadership skills that drive results
  • Latest knowledge and know-how to offer best value to your clients
  • Productive tools and resources to increase your efficiency and effectiveness






A Brief Intro on CSP

CSP Gallery

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